08 Jan Daybreakers

I haven’t posted in a while and am pumped from just seeing the movie Daybreakers with some coworkers, so I figured now would be a great time to post about this ridiculous movie. Now when I say ridiculous, I don’t mean it was awful, nor do I mean I hated it. It was ridiculous in the way that something is so awful, that it actually transitions to the awesome end of the spectrum.daybreakers_poster_med

So basically this movie is about a near future world populated by mostly humans turned vampires. These vampires are just as intelligent as they were in their human forms, and retain most of their human emotions and personalities, etc, so they’re basically just superhuman humans who thirst for blood. Their weakness hold true to traditional vampire lore (death by sun, wooden stakes, etc.) and the civilized world sort of keeps on spinning despite the vampire’s shortcomings.

So as you’d expect, unturned humans become quite the commodity, since most of the world has already become vampires, there are few humans left, and they sort of become hunted as cattle. Corporations take advantage of the situation, and vampires who don’t get enough blood become ravenous monsters, yadda yadda, that’s about all you need to know.

The success of this movie doesn’t come with an intellegent storyline. Most of the movie strains to be serious, but inevitably reeks of cheese, however this shortcoming is also the success of the film in my eyes, because it’s an awesome variety of cheese. Just as blue cheese stinks, but tastes great (to some), this movie was hilarious and entertaining and I definately recommend it to anyone who wants some cheap thrills and good old fashioned laughs.

daybreakers01Daybreakers kind of reminded me of an old horror B-Movie of yore, blended with the ultra slick and cool styling of modern cinema, much like Blade or the Matrix. The cheap thrill of something jumping out at you, or exploding into a mess of gore was relentlessly consistent throughout the movie, but I think perhaps the best part of the movie was two actors, Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill. Niell being the heartless corporate villian, and Dafoe cast as a sort of badass comic relief I suppose. Ethan Hawke was kind of cheesier than the others, but appropriate in his role as the sort of aloof melodramatic hero of the movie, and all other characters were sort of secondary filler for the story.

Anyway, I recommend this movie for sure. It was not so great from a believable, realistic, or intellegent story, but it definately was entertaining and a unique take on the vampire genre I thought. It was a pretty cool concept, executed well enough. I really enjoyed the art and cinematography styling of the movie as well; reminded me much of the Matrix and Blade with more thrills and less action, basically.

4/5 stars from me! Go see it if you’re bored!

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