The iPad’s Revolution

12 Dec The iPad’s Revolution

So, I was reading my impressions of Apple’s iPad, which I wrote just after its original official announcement, a whole 2 years ago. Some elements about it struck me as interesting now that the iPad is what it is.

What is the iPad? Well, it’s revolutionary! Ok ok, Steve, you can stop laughing from beyond the grave! I realize that I essentially panned the device as the techie I was (and still am).

What I, and many others, failed to realize, is that Mr. jobs was no mere man, he was a revolutioniser. When Mr. Jobs released a new line of product, it wasn’t to cash in on what people want.. He literally created products that alter the playing field, to create a whole new class of product people didn’t even know they wanted.

“Post PC” is a term that was thrown around a lot as the iPad began to set its roots into our cultural subconscious. Because that’s really what the revolution was.

At the time I had my mind set on the “what is” and was thinking in terms of what I wanted from a powerful Swiss army computing device… A sort of new age laptop, thinner and sleeker.. But that’s not what the iPad is. The iPad is a small part of a bigger picture, a picture Apple had already painted and set in motion. The notion of a “post pc world”

The iPad wasn’t for me.. I mean, it was for everyone. The world.. It was part of a grand plan to bring ACCESSIBLE computing a reality.. Bridge the gap between human desire and interaction with machine and technical prowess.

What I mean by that is the iPad did a few things so far.. First off it introduced simplified, fun, and useful mobile computing to the masses essentially making it a pleasure for those less technically inclined to “get online”. It did this by making human computer interaction something Anyone can do just with the touch, swipe, and tap of their fingers. it also did this by making the world of online browsing a little less scary by building a device and aoftware distribution system that effectively eliminates viruses and malware from its software. This system, the app store, is both fun and easy to use, both important keys to its success. Lastly the iPad brought the Internet to your sofa, and evolved the net in some very profound ways.

A couple things to note here.. The iPad has killed Flash, the long running rich media interactive platform that has reigned king for a decade at least.. Not an easy feat, and not something a Flash developer like myself wants to admit. Secondly, because of this, the iPad has paved an easier path to the mobile browser throne room for mighty HTML 5 to venture forth upon. I mean HTML 5 was always poised for this unalterable future. It’s the next logical iteration of our beloved world wide web in that it’s not proprietary, it’s more accessible, it’s available to everyone and anyone, and holds all sorts of rich media potential in all it’s cross platform glory. The iPad just usurped the greedy resource hogging Flash king from his seat faster than it would of been if Apple had yielded to Adobes I’ll fated Flash Mobile attempts.

So the iPad has already revolutionized on this front alone! Now the iPad, who defined the realm of tablets, never before seen to the significance it poses today, sits king of its own defined category, ushering in an army of copycats and mirror images, each trying to carve out their own significance to set themselves apart. Personally I still feel like the iPad is missing features and has much room for improvement, such as a more robust multitasking solution. Something that OTHER tablets have impressed me with, such as Blackberry’s Tablet “Playbook”. Many other tablets also offer more freedom as opposed to Apples heavily policed sandbox world. Android for an example features an open Marketplace, and open source access to most facets of its operating system. Many of these competitor tablets offer themselves at a fraction of the price from the iPad, but high cost is not a new concept to those familiar with apple, and those who truly want it will no doubt find their way.

So despite all this, iPad has done some pretty impressive things over its short time in market, it’s changed the direction of Internet tech, it’s firmly cemented mobile technology as the new focal point of Internet browsing, and it’s helped the world more rapidly adopt HTML 5 as the heir to this new accessible mobile world.

What’s next? Well the most recent development has been Apples introduction of iCloud which effectively unifies our digital worlds under one central banner. Again it’s this concept of making the internet and digital realm an accessible and simple thing to access and use. Finding newer and better ways to keep us connected with each other and ourselves. I originally thought apple was talking about the tech power of the iPad when they said revolution but now I truly understand what that really referred to.

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