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12 Apr Are You Ready?

I decided to test Edge Animate’s advertising capabilities. I threw together this mock ad in less than an hour, so please don’t take it as an indication of my art direction sensibilities. At any rate, I was able to emulate most of the common staples of a modern day Flash banner. However, it’s still quite apparent that Edge Animate still has a lot of development to span before it can be anywhere near as robust as Flash. I’m finding that the software just isn’t very refined yet and it can often be a chore to group objects together. There also is no way to draw and manipulate vector shapes in Edge (as far as my knowledge goes). I suppose this would require use of the canvas object in some form?

I still haven’t tested interaction yet. I might re-visit this and add rollovers and some form of click-through. For now I’m just leaving it at animation.

Frame-by-frame style of animation is much desired in Edge. I’m not sure this is something that is actually POSSIBLE to do, given Edge’s HTML5/Javascript/CSS limitations. However something as simple as adjusting overall time, frame by frame, via the F5 button is something I absolutely love about Flash, yet is lacking in Edge. Also the ability to animate an object frame by frame is only possible through manipulation of sprite sheets as I understand it. This is something I still haven’t delved into that much yet.

I’m also finding that file size will be an issue with HTML 5 banners. Often I’m asked to generate banners in under 40k. This simply isn’t possible with Edge since there is virtually no file compression (at least not in the same way Flash could).

People may have written off Flash, but until Edge and web standards evolve to match the graphical power and capabilities Flash presents, I think we’re still a long way off from sailing that ship.

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