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30 Apr Random Thought

Just a random 1st world rant to spice up the day. I really hope that iPad magazine (or mobile magazine publishers for that matter) figure out a way to better compress digital publications. 300-700mb for a magazine download just isn’t cool especially considering many of us are limited to 16gigs of download space on our devices. I get that they want to foster a richer experience for the reader by allowing all manners of media including hefty HD video and high resolution imagery, but it’s apparent that our tech just isn’t ready for this type of high bandwidth delivery. I feel like we’re in an age of ‘jumping the gun’. Video game publishers are producing unjustified, always-online titles (in a world where always-online isn’t always accessible or stable), web tech pundits have heralded the official death of Flash without realizing that there is nothing that can adequately fill that void, and to my original topic, digital magazine publishers feel that charging considerable amounts of money for bulky digital distros is all kosher and good in a world where download speeds are still hampered and mobile drive sizes are often constrained.

I’ll finish my rant by receeding to say that I can’t completely fault magazine publishers for some of these issues. After all, much of this can be solved with vastly improved compression technology, or streaming technology, as well as the progression of future faster network speeds all around. So take it for what it’s worth..

Anyway, that was my rant, good or bad. I guess boredom from waiting for magazines to download, as well as tablet drive space dwingling, prior to a flight can be quite a rant motivator for a blogger such as myself.

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