10 Mar Crookers & CSS Woes

Artist of the moment: I figured I should probably honour the continuity of my previous artist micro-blurbs to hold consistency to my rantings (or lack thereof). This time I would like to mention my most favorite DJ duo of recent time, Crookers! (Or, in proper Italian accent, crew-cairs!). Crookers (the Crookers?), crookersare 2 dudes, Bot and Phra, and they're signed, of course, to my favorite DJ's record label, Mad Decent Records. I love these guys cuz their sets are a non stop flurry of bass pounding, energy charged, Fidget House. Fidget House is of course an unofficial term coined to describe this frantic, cut-up, House music style. I still like the term Electro Crunk, because the music sounds pretty Electro and Crunky to me. I guess Crookers sort of traverse a range of styles in their mixes and sets. If you want a good primer on Crookers, I'd start with their Radio 1 Essential Mix if you can get a hold of that. It's basically anything and everything they'd done up to that date with some other stuff thrown in. Incredible! ..................................................................... So, I've been pulling my hair out, yet again, due to the uncalled for complexity presented by CSS coding techniques. I mean CSS is actually a very simple language, and very easy to pick up and learn. The difficult part is learning how to use it PROPERLY.  I love the many facets of design and putting my creative juices to the test, but when it comes to stylizing webpages and lining up it's rigid skeletal grid to hold all of the content precisely where I want it, I'm completely stumped. Don't get me wrong, I know this isn't an easy task, learning such a muddled and conflicted language such as Cascading Style Sheets. It's had such a torrential history, I suppose, being used in different ways by different browsers for sometimes different purposes.
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03 Mar NHL 09 – Return Revenge of the Jets

So I recently discovered the sheer awesomeness that is NHL 09 (Xbox 360). Now I don't know exactly what it is that makes this game so enthralling, because, quite frankly, I must admit, I'm not the most knowledgable or involved hockey fan. It's true, I used to be into hockey cards and watching games when I was really young, but I sort of stopped following the sport after the loss of my beloved home team. Yet everything about this game seems to draw me in. Two Thumbs Up!Even the control system feels intuitive and tight; coupled with the engaging and solid gameplay as well as the extensive game modes and stat menus, crazy physics systems, and the wicked presentation, this is definately a must-buy game in my books... Which I did... For $12 after game trade-ins... I noticed that this game has pushed me so far as sneaking in some televised hockey viewings every now and then since I've started learning the names of players and familiarity
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18 Jun TOJam #3 and Boys Noize

Artist of the Moment: This post I'm gonna mention Boys Noize, but I'm too lazy to do any real research on them so you can correct me if I have any incorrect facts on here. From what I remember, they're from Europe, I think Germany....

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